Superdispersible Natural Origin Hybrid Treatment (ASGP - Amino Acid & PHSA)
Porous Silica Microspheres (MSS-500W) - SEM picture
Cellulose Fiber (CELL-U-LASH™ 150- SEM picture
Consumers are paying more attention today to ingredients in cosmetics, and an increasing number prefer natural products because they perceive them as safer and of higher quality. Numerous Natural personal care products are available with more products incorporating natural ingredients in their formulas.
Kobo Products offers a wide range of ingredients of natural origin, mineral or plant-based in particular. Kobo defines natural origin products as ingredients that are naturally derived which are likely to have undergone chemical or mechanical processing to make them commercially viable ingredients. We have chosen to certify many of them with ECOCERT/COSMOS, as shown on this page .
  • Natural Origin

    • Amino Acid & Polyhydroxystearic Acid Treatment (ASGP)

      This natural, hybrid treatment renders powders hydrophobic and superdispersible. ASGP-treated powders require minimal energy during the grinding phase, and disperse easily with a quick and uniform color development. They give a creamy feel on the skin, promote better wear and aid in pressing powders.
    • Stearoyl Glutamic Acid Treatment (ASG)

      This treatment is an Amino Acid coating and offers hydrophobic properties. It gives a great creamy feel, especially in powders.
    • Natural Olive Esters Treatment (NOE)

      Natural Treatment, using Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters to make pigments and powders hydrophobic. It is a stable treatment, with low odor. It imparts color, coverage and spreadability to formulas. In pressed powders, it adds pressability to the cake: powders can be pressed without additional binders.
    • Jojoba Ester Treatment (NJE)

      Kobo's patented process enables pigment particles to be rendered hydrophobic with this treatment. This treatment offers a creamy feel and good affinity to the skin. Due to their good pressabilty these products are recommended for use in powders, as well as emulsions and hot pours.
    • Silica Treatment (SIH)

      This Silica Treatment is hydrophilic therefore pigments with this treatment applied will disperse well in water. SIH treated pigments and powders demonstrate brighter colors and less surface activity. All of the Iron Oxides are Ecocert approved.
    • MM Treatment

      This is a Natural, Vegetable-derived, Magnesium Myristate Treatment. It has Hydrophobic and Lipophilic properties, is almost odorless. It provides a creamy texture, excellent pressability and good adherence to the skin. It is recommended for use in hot pours and powders.
    • Hydrogenated Lecithin Treatment (NPC)

      This natural, Non-GMO Hydrogenated Lecithin treatment, is Hydrophobic yet moisturizing. It provides a highly creamy feel and good affinity to the skin. The recommended applications are Emulsions, hot pours, powders, anhydrous gels.
    • Pigmentary Dispersions

      Pigmentary grades of Iron Oxides or Titanium Dioxide are dispersed for full color development and ease of use.
    • Microspheres: Minerals

      Due to their optical blurring properties these naturally derived spherical powders will diminish the look of fine lines on the skin while enhancing the feel of your product. These products range in oil absorption properties. Higher Oil absorbing microspheres can contribute to oil control on the skin.
    • Microspheres: Natural Origin Polymers

      These hydrophilic spheres can help retain moisture on the skin while providing cushion in your formula. They will swell in the presence of water and oil while absorbing 1.5grams of water and 0.7g oil to every 1g of material.
    • Treated Microspheres

      Microspheres are also available with surface treatments, which help with adding them to oil phases in formulas and enhance skin feel, adhesion and blendability.
    • Microsphere Complexes

      KoboBlur™ 100 Natural is a powder complex made only of minerals and natural ingredients, using no plastic particles; the ingredients of this complex have complimentary refractive indexes and scatter light in a wide range of formulas.
    • Attenuation Grade Powders

      Attenuation grade TiO2 & ZnO with natural surface treatments.
    • Attenuation Grade Dispersions

      Attenuation Grade TiO2 & ZnO dispersions with natural treatments, carriers and dispersants.
    • Sunscreen Boosters

      SunBoost Natural series are blends skin conditioners and soothers at a proprietary ratio.. When used in sunscreens in combination with organic and/or inorganic UV Filters, SunBoost Natural shows an increase in SPF and PFA scores by more than 30%.
    • IR Protection

      Infrared radiations, in particular near infrared (IR-A), have the ability to penetrate deep into the dermis. Recent studies have shown they generate free radicals and produce other harmful biological effects to the skin resulting in aging and wrinkles.
      Kobo has screened numerous particulate materials and selected two large size titanium dioxide which showed a great capacity to attenuate IR-A. These materials are offered with a variety of surface treatments.
    • Absorbents

      CHARCOAL POWDER: Absorbing Charcoal Powder, obtained from the carbonization of Ubame Oak.
    • Active Ingredients

      Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide, widely distributed throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It is a major component of skin, where it is involved in moisturization and tissue repair.
    • Emulsifiers

      MAKIBASE SEB is a vegetable-based, PEG-free, W/O emulsifier, which provides light and silky-smooth non-greasy feel. It is also good for cold process.
    • Esters

      Plandool™ are plant derived esters, with a range of melting points, consistencies and refractive indexes. They provide moisture retention to skin care, make-up and hair care products, add gloss and have high pigment dispersion ability.
    • Fibers

      RAYON FIBER 3.3T-0.8MM(S) made of Rayon a polymer of Natural Origin derived from Cellulose. This fiber has a unique cloud shaped cross-section and provides lash extension, volume, good adhesion to lashes and is easy to disperse.
      Cell-U-Lash are Cellulose Fibers with length ranging from 20µm to 110µm; they are hydrophilic and disperse easily in the initial water phase of an emulsion.
    • Fillers

      Fine powders of plant or mineral origin.
    • Film Formers and Rheology Modifiers

      KOBOGUARD® NATURAL PXF is a natural, water soluble film former, viscosity modifier, and suspension system. It combines two distinct polysaccharide technologies - food grade gums and micro fibrillated cellulose - in a synergistic stable blend.
      KOBOGUARD® NATURAL 3000 is a natural origin resin (INCI Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate), highly hydrogenated, pale and resistant to oxidation and discoloration, available as 70% solution in volatile (NDA) and non-volatile (CCT) natural origin carriers.
    • Specialty Pigments - Iron Oxides

      BLACK JB is a deep Black Iron Oxide
    • Pigmentary ZnO - TiO2 Alternative

      For customers who prefer to avoid using Titanium Dioxide as a pigment, we have developped a new Zinc Oxide, a particularly opaque grade, available surface-treated.
    • Scrubbing Beads

      Natural spherical beads that are used primarily for exfoliation.
    • Surfactants

      MAKIGREEN LCS+ is an optimized combination of vegetable-origin surfactants used to solubilize many different oils in water.
    • Waxes

      MAKIGREEN VELVET WAX is a natural wax that provides smooth, velvety skin feel and can help stabilize and thicken emulsions.