Kobo offers a variety of natural and synthetic fibers in different lengths, thicknesses and shapes. They can be used to promote texturizing, soft focus, lengthening and volumizing effects in finished products.
    • Natural And Natural Origin Fibers

      RAYON FIBER 3.3T-0.8MM(S) is made of Rayon a polymer of Natural Origin derived from Cellulose. This fiber has a unique cloud shaped cross-section and provides lash extension, volume, good adhesion to lashes and is easy to disperse.
      CELL-U-LASH™ fibers are made of cellulose, a natural polymer, and vary in length from 20µm to 110µm; they are hydrophilic and disperse easily in the initial water phase of an emulsion.
    • Nylon and Propylene Fibers

      Nylon and Propylene Fibers are synthetically derived fibers, available in variable length and thickness. They are commonly used in mascara and eyebrow products for lengthening and volumizing effects.
    • Colored Nylon Fibers

      Nylon Fibers containing Carbon Black, Black Iron Oxide or Brown Iron Oxide. They are especially effective in promoting lengthening properties in Mascara and Eyebrow products while contributing to and enhancing the overall color effect of the product.