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Stearoyl Glutamic Acid Treatment (ASG)
Trade NameINCI NameAdd to CartProduct TypeNI/NOISpecsSDSDistribution Territories
BRO-ASG3 ++++Iron Oxides (CI 77491) (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidRed Iron Oxide0 / 1 
BYO-ASG3 ++++Iron Oxides (CI 77492) (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidYellow Iron Oxide0 / 1 
BBO-ASG3 ++++Iron Oxides (CI 77499) (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidBlack Iron Oxide0 / 1 
BTD-ASG2 ++++Titanium Dioxide (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidPigmentary TiO20 / 1 
BGCO-ASG4Chromium Oxide Greens (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidGreen Chromium Oxide0 / 1 
BMV-ASG4Manganese Violet (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidManganese Violet0 / 0.9 
CELLULOBEADS D-5-ASG3Cellulose (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidNatural Polymer Microsphere0 / 1 
GMS-ASG3Mica (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidSericite0.97 / 1 
MICA S-ASG3Mica (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidMica0.97 / 1 
A10-TiO2-SA-ASG8Titanium Dioxide (And) Aluminum Hydroxide (And) Stearoyl Glutamic Acid (And) Hydrated SilicaUV-Attenuation TiO20 / 1 
ZNO-750-ASG5Zinc Oxide (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidUV-Attenuation ZnO0 / 1 
ZNO-C-ASG3J ++++Zinc Oxide (And) Stearoyl Glutamic AcidUV-Attenuation ZnO0 / 1 
  • NI/NOI: Natural Index / Natural Origin Index - Value indicating the extent to which a product meets the definition from ISO 16128 (0 to 1)
  • ++++ Raw materials approved by COSMOS