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Innovation for a Better Future: Our Actions and Goals

We recognize the role of innovation in shaping a sustainable future. Through continuous research and development, we strive to create cutting-edge cosmetic ingredients, formulas, and technologies that align with the principles of safety, efficacy, and environmental responsibility. We plan to contribute to the industry's evolution towards more sustainable and ethical practices.
To that end, Kobo has taken the following strategic actions to advance sustainability:
  • Kobo has aligned itself with initiatives and coalitions that share our dedication to building a better company for a better world
    • Memberships include: the UN Global Compact, the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil, the Responsible Mica Initiative
  • Kobo evaluated the sustainability of our supply chains and the means of reducing emissions across operations
  • Kobo obtained the Ecovadis Silver, a score that places us in the top 25% of companies across all industries in terms of establishing management and operational systems that prioritize sustainable practices
Moving forward, Kobo’s goals for a brighter future include:
  • Kobo will continue to evaluate ways to reduce our emissions and implement strategies that promote cosmetics with a conscience
  • Kobo aims to improve our Ecovadis Certification rating, demonstrating our continued commitment to the intersection of innovation and sustainability
  • Kobo will continue to pursue additional environmental certifications