Black Iron Oxide (Black-NF) - SEM picture
Porous Microspheres Silica (MSS-5003/H4) - SEM picture
Cellulose Fiber (CELL-U-LASH 150- SEM picture
Kobo offers a range of natural origin based products including Microspheres, Fibers, Surface Treatments, Scrubbing Beads and Dispersions for UV protection.
  • Natural Origin

    • Jojoba Ester Treatment (NJE)

      Kobo's patented process enables pigment particles to be rendered hydrophobic with this treatment. This treatment offers a creamy feel and good affinity to the skin. Due to their good pressabilty these products are recommended for use in powders, as well as emulsions and hot pours.

    • Stearoyl Glutamic Acid (ASG)

      This treatment is an Amino Acid coating and offers hydrophobic properties. It gives a great creamy feel, especially in powders.

    • Hydrogenated Lecithin Treatment (PC)

      This Hydrogenated Lecithin treatment offers a creamy texture, moisturizing feel and excellent affinity to the skin. It is hydrophobic, ideal for use in powders and mineral makeup, and can also be used in emulsions.

    • Specialty Pigments

      BLACK NF is a fine black iron oxide powder. It’s unique crystal structure gives a more intense, blue-black color compared to other iron oxides.

    • Pigmentary Dispersions

      Pigmentary grades of Iron Oxides or Titanium Dioxide are dispersed for full color development and ease of use.

    • Scrubbing Beads

      Natural spherical beads that are used primarily for exfoliation.

    • Mascara Fibers

      Cellulose Fibers for use in mascara in order to provide lengthening.
      Silk Cotton Fibers for oil absorption, water repellency and excellent soft focus effect.

    • Microspheres: Polymers

      Natural Polydactyl Acid Microspheres offer a ball-bearing effect with elegant silky texture, increased payoff and enhanced slip.

    • Microspheres: Silica

      Due to their optical blurring properties these naturally derived spherical powders will diminish the look of fine lines on the skin while enhancing the feel of your product. These products range in oil absorption properties. Higher Oil absorbing microspheres can contribute to oil control on the skin.

    • Microspheres: Cellulose

      These hydrophilic spheres can help retain moisture on the skin while providing cushion in your formula. They will swell in the presence of water and oil while absorbing 1.5grams of water and 0.7g oil to every 1g of material.

    • SPF Boosters™

      SunBoost ATB™ is a proprietary mixture of antioxidants, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents. When used in sunscreens in combination with organic and/or inorganic UV Filters, SunBoost ATB™ shows an increase in SPF and PFA scores by more than 30%.

    • Micronized TiO2 & ZnO Powder & Dispersions

      TiO2 & ZnO Dispersions with natural surface treatments, dispersed in a natural vehicle, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ethyl Macadamiate or Sunflower Oil.

    • TiO2 and ZnO Powders & Dispersions

      TiO2 & ZnO Powders where the particles are greater than 100nm when measured by generally accepted methods, image analysis and/or light scattering sizing.