Related Formulas
Jojoba Ester Treatment (NJE)
Trade NameINCI NameProduct TypeSpecsSDSDistribution Territories
BBO-NJE2 +Iron Oxides (CI 77499) (And) Jojoba EstersBlack Iron Oxides
BEUB-NJE3 +Ultramarines (And) Jojoba EstersUltramarine Blue
BRO-NJE2 +Iron Oxides (CI 77491) (And) Jojoba EstersRed Iron Oxides
BTD-NJE2 +Titanium Dioxide (And) Jojoba EstersPigmentary Titanium Dioxide
BYO-NJE3 +Iron Oxides (CI 77492) (And) Jojoba EstersYellow Iron Oxides
GMS-NJE3Mica (And) Jojoba EstersSericite
KoboMica L-27-NJE2Mica (And) Jojoba EstersMica
KoboMica 1000S-NJE5Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (And) Jojoba EstersSynthetic Mica
MT-500B-NJE5Titanium Dioxide (And) Jojoba EstersAttenuation Grade Titanium Dioxide
RBTD-671-NJE2 +Titanium Dioxide (And) Jojoba EstersPigmentary Titanium Dioxide
TALC N-NJE2Talc (And) Jojoba EstersTalc
ZnO-750-NJE7Zinc Oxide (And) Jojoba EstersAttenuation Grade Zinc Oxide
ZnO-C-NJE3 +Zinc Oxide (And) Jojoba EstersNon-Nano Zinc Oxide
TTO-NJE8 +Titanium Dioxide (And) Alumina (And) Jojoba EstersNon-Nano Titanium Dioxide
A15-TiO2-S-NJE10Titanium Dioxide (And) Hydrated Silica (And) Jojoba EstersNon-Nano Titanium Dioxide
  • + Raw material approved by ECOCERT in accordance with the ECOCERT and COSMOS standards